In Loving Memory

At twenty-five, the world ahead of you,
Out goes the light, in an instant Nothings right,
we can’t make sense of it.
But they’ll say, they will say,

One of the good one’s, gone so young.
He will be missed, there was a spark in him,
Another kid, the world appears so dim.
In loving memory. In loving memory.

My heart dropped, the moment that I heard,
Still right now, I don’t believe a word,
How could it be, the world will never see your smile.

But I’ll say, for awhile,
We burned brighter than the sun, for a moment,
Our bind couldn’t be undone, tied together,
We were all we needed at the time.
In loving memory. In loving memory.

You were kind, you had a heart of gold,
A goofy smile, I couldn’t help but laugh,
You were a light, bringing goodness to the world.

Now I’ll think, to myself, There is so much to regret,
Looking back, There was so much to be said,
Everything, You were everything, to me for a time.
In loving memory. In loving memory.

A great kid, grown up so fast,
A good man, taking care of his own,
Just a guy, living his life,
But I know, yeah I know,

You represent, a time of my life,
My first love, when I’m looking back,
What’s left, is all the memories.
In loving memory. In loving memory.

Yeah I wish, that it wasn’t true,
I can’t believe, it just couldn’t be you,
I need to know, what got you to this place.
Cause I remember, all of it.

You were happy, always a smile on your face.
The only one, to cheer me up when down,
Was it all fake, or did you change.
In loving memory. In loving memory.

I wish I’d said, all the things that I felt,
I wanted to, but what would it help,
I’m not sure, if that was a mistake,
But I’ll say, I have to say,

For a time, you were everything to me,
Throughout life, I’ll look back on memories,
At the end, I hope you knew,
What you meant to me,

In loving memory. In loving memory

Published by alswartz

I am an aspiring novelist working on my first book. I have an interest in mental health and each of my works is related to mental health in some way.

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