Running to Improve Mental Health

Exercise is a great way to improve your mental health while working on your physical health. I am going to attempt to explain to you why running improves your mental health. 

I will not be citing any outside information. I am not going to discuss anything that the professionals would say. Instead, I am going to explain how running has improved my own mental health. But to do this, you may need a little bit of background information.

Qualities that Affect my Mental Health

I have a few qualities that I believe harm my mental health. First, I overthink everything. I overthink the past, the future, and everything going on in the present. Sometimes it can crush me. It feels like I’m stuck in my head. I can’t break out of it.

Another issue I have is that I am easily overwhelmed. I perform extremely well under pressure. I can let go of most of my anger. However, my senses bombard me and flood my brain with mixed emotions. 

In crowded spaces, the abundance of people overwhelms. With four kids, the commotion can sometimes conquer me. Frequent touches overwhelm me as well. If the kids seem clingy or someone bumps into me while I am in a mood, I become agitated. 

The ultimate mental health issue I deal with is the inability to accept my own shortcomings, or as I sometimes see them- failures. If I regret something, wish I had done something differently, or failed to accomplish a goal that I had set, I fixate on it. Sometimes this makes me feel really broken and hopeless. 

My Solution

Exercise helps me push back against the circumstances that overwhelm me. I can separate myself from everything going on and focus on my own breathing and heartbeat. I can count the number of strides I’ve taken or mentally encourage myself to keep going. 

Running helps with my overthinking. During the time that I run, I can slow down my thoughts and understand them more acutely. I feel that this allows me to work through some of the predicaments that I am overthinking. 

As I run, I envision that all of my regrets, failures, insecurities, and baggage are behind me. In front of me lies everything that I am working towards and trying to accomplish. Envisioning these things encourages me to run faster and farther, but it also helps me put the past and problems behind me. 

Another mental health benefit of running is that it helps you get into shape pretty quickly. Physically, I am leaner and more toned. Mentally, I feel more capable, attractive, strong, successful, and in control. 

Running Can Improve Your Mental Health

Running improves my mental health provided that I run regularly. I bet that running could improve your mental health too. This form of exercise allows you to set attainable goals and feel accomplished when you meet them. 

Running allows you to feel productive, manage stress, and feel happier. It is a great way to improve your overall mental and physical health while feeling good about yourself.

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I am an aspiring novelist working on my first book. I have an interest in mental health and each of my works is related to mental health in some way.

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